Phil Cannella Creates a Crash Proof Retirement for Dom and Linda Magazu

Phil Cannella’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System has helped over 4,000 people have a more safe and secure retirement. Today, we focus the Crash Proof Consumer “Spotlight” on Crash Proof consumers: Dom and Linda Magazu of Gibbstown N.J

Prior to their decision to becoming Crash Proofed, the Magazus were courted by a securities advisor with disastrous results. The financial firm they went with turned out to be a complete fraud. Once the deal was done, neither the firm nor the Magazu’s money were ever seen again.

Watch Dom & Linda tell their story below.

Feeling burned and betrayed by the financial industry, Dom and Linda spent the rest of their working years depositing their money into bank accounts. They avoided all other investment opportunities. As they approached retirement, the Magazus realized that it was more important to have security rather than having their money at risk in the stock market. Dom and Linda understood that they had a lot to learn. So they attended a Crash Proof Educational event with Phil Cannella and Joann Small. After getting educated, Dom and Linda decided to take the next step to becoming Crash Proof by visiting the King of Prussia, PA headquarters of Crash Proof Retirement.

After being burned by a previous advisor, then receiving a life-altering medical diagnosis, Dom Magazu needed a plan he could trust to provide safety and security for his loved ones. Luckily, Crash Proof Retirement was up to the task. At a time in his life when avoiding stress is of paramount importance, Dom Magazu says he’s grateful for his Crash Proof experience.

“Everybody we’ve talked to has been like family,” he said. “I haven’t seen that in any other organization—even the bank that I’ve been with for almost 40 years. I don’t have the same feeling of personal contact and security that I do since we’ve been with Crash Proof Retirement.”