What is Retirement Really Like?

When people typically picture retirement we think of lots and lots of free time and being able to do exactly what you want, when you want and that includes traveling.  However, when talking to retirees there are some things that occur that affect retirement.  Here are some things to give you more of a realistic idea of what retirement is like.

  1. You won’t get as bored as you think.  Some people think that you won’t be able to find enough stuff to fill your days, since you have so much free time.  Often people think this is the result of not being happy.  However, that’s actually not the case.  A lot of the time people have so many different things they want to do after they retire that they end up filling their days too much to do and not enough time to rest, as they thought they would during retirement.
  1. You might choose to downsize.  People often think that you’ll be forced to downsize after you retire due to the lack of funds or income.  Retirees are often able to differentiate between what they want and what they need.  A lot of the time, they don’t need a big home or a big car.  This will help alleviate stress of trying to pay the bigger bills.
  1. Being retired and married is difficult.  When you and your spouse are retired, that means more time to spend together.  “Me” time is essential for everyone.  When you’re retired and are spending all of your time together, getting “me” time is often difficult.  Try and set aside time to be apart from your spouse.

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