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I maintain an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Pheed, so if you’re a fan of Phil Cannella, be sure to check out my Social Media Pages, which are updated every day with great new content. I like to post pictures from events, media coverage, videos from my Youtube channel. I also share news stories and other items that relate to retirees and retirement.

I started in this business in the 70s, so it has been amazing to see how rapidly developing computer technology has shaped the industry. I love Social Media because it gives me another platform where I can interact with people in or near retirement from all around the world. So if you’re a retiree taking part in the Social Media revolution, check out my various Social Media pages to stay current on the world according to Phil Cannella. Don’t be afraid to message me, or share information with me that you think would be relevant to other retirees. I love getting feedback from the people I’ve met with and worked with in the past, and I would love to hear from you too!

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