Phil Cannella at the 98.1 WOGL Loves Our Kids Radiothon

Pictured above:  Phil Cannella and Bob Pantano

This year’s 98.1 WOGL Loves Our Kids Radiothon was a resounding success, thanks to the efforts of so many local personalities who lent their names to a great cause.  Members of WOGL’s morning show, “The Breakfast Club” were on hand to help out with the festivities, including hosts Ross Brittain and Valerie Knight.  Beloved radio personality Bob Pantano also helped out with the event, which benefits Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, by holding the event in conjunction with one of his weekly dance parties.  Plenty of people showed up to Pantano’s dance party, both to support a great cause, and to have some fun dancing and mingling.  The event brought in a great deal of money for CHOP, which received $658,272 in donations this year.

As they have every year for the past three years, Phil Cannella, Joann Small and the Crash Proof Retirement Team made the single largest donation to the Radiothon.  In 2010 and 2011, Small and Cannella made donations of $50,000 each year.  This year they bumped up their total to $55,000 and were absolutely floored when a surprise donor called to pledge an additional $10,000 to be included with the Crash Proof Retirement donation.  This generous donor would not give his name, but said that he was a big supporter of Crash Proof Retirement, and wanted to contribute on behalf of Small and Cannella.  With the help of this donor, the Crash Proof Retirement team brought in a total of $65,000 for CHOP, bringing their total donation over the past three years to $165,000.

Phil Cannella plans to be a part of the event next year as well, so that he can help out the kids at CHOP.

“When you give a child hope, you give a child a future. And that’s like a boomerang: It comes back to your soul and enlarges it. If we can ‘Crash Proof’ the way they look at life right now, it’s the best gift of all,” said Cannella.

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