Phil Cannella: Check Out Transamerica’s 13th Annual Retirement Survey

By Phil Cannella

In my efforts to bring you the best, most useful information about retirement, I came across this annual survey conducted by Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies.  This is a great survey that contains a treasure trove of information that can help anyone in or near retirement prepare for the future.  If you’re interested in reading the full survey, you can find it by clicking here.  I’m sure no matter who you are and what your retirement savings situation, you will find something in this survey that’s relevant to you.

This report also contains a special section about women in retirement, a topic which is near and dear to me and my Crash Proof Retirement Show® co-host, Joann Small.  Over her career, Joann Small has done so much for women to help them prepare for retirement, and she knows that many women, especially in the Baby Boomer generation, depend on their husbands to handle the family finances.  The Transamerica report confirms that, and provides other valuable information that can help women realize the importance of being included in retirement planning discussions.  If you’re a women in or near retirement, I encourage you to read the report.

Transamerica also provides a new definition of retirement in these difficult economic times.  In a press release, Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies President Catherine Collinson stated the following:

“American workers are adjusting their expectations of retirement, including working past age 65 and planning to work part‐time in retirement.  American workers have reshaped their vision of retirement, now it’s time to provide an updated road map to help them achieve retirement income to last throughout their lifetime.”

It’s an unfortunate fact that more and more retirees are being forced to work after retirement, but it’s a reality that we all need to be prepared for. By reading the report, you’ll be educating yourself on that possibility, and you’ll learn to incorporate that into your future plans.

Phil Cannella is the founder and CEO of Retirement Media, Inc.