Phil Cannella Emphasizes No Risk

First Senior Financial Group and its founder, Phil Cannella, pride themselves in their ability to safely invest the American Retiree’s nest egg.  Phill Cannella utilizes the Life Insurance Industry’s contractual agreements in order to capture interest in up markets but also preserve the principal should the markets correct or devalue.  It’s all very simple really.

The Life Insurance Industry allows an investor to track the gains in the market with not actually being invested in the market through contractual agreements.  These contracts allow the investor to use an indexed crediting method that calculates the gains or losses of an index such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, or Nasdaq.  If the index increases over the course of the year the insurance company will credit that investor with interest but if the index losses value, the investor will simply stay flush with no loss of principal.  This means that the investor can never lose any portion of their principal due to the market fluctuation no matter how bad it may be. All of the contractual agreements through First Senior Financial Group and Phil Cannella have these guarantees that allow the investor to always move forward with their investments and to never have to risk their nest egg.