Phil Cannella Asks The Tough Questions

“My name is Phil Cannella, and I say the financial industry is stacked against you, the everyday American investor.”

Chances are that if you’ve been to a Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event, you’ve heard those words. At or near the beginning of the session, Phil Cannella makes this strong, declarative statement to the hundreds of attendees.

As Crash Proof Retirement Founder, Phil Cannella travels throughout the tri-state area to educate people in or near retirement on safe alternatives available outside of Wall Street. Each Crash Proof Retirement educational event is a unique event, where Phil Cannella uses diverse examples and anecdotes to illustrate the twists and turns of the financial industry.

To illustrate this point, Cannella utilizes a series of exclusive interviews that he’s conducted over the years as founder of Retirement Media Inc., an alternative media source dedicated to bringing Truth to the American Retiree. Event attendees hear from industry insiders including:

Lou Harvey: Lou Harvey is the founder of DALBAR, a Boston-based corporation that serves as the leading analytical firm over Wall Street. DALBAR, a leader in the quest for fiduciary responsibility throughout the financial industry, recently trademarked the “Registered Fiduciary” designation for professionals who wish to hold themselves to the highest distinction in the world of investment advice.

In his exclusive interview with Phil Cannella, Harvey discusses the roadblocks to fiduciary responsibility on Wall Street.

H. David Kotz: H. David Kotz is the former Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Phil Cannella traveled to Washington, D.C. for an exclusive, face-to-face interview with the then-Inspector General at the SEC’s headquarters. At each Crash Proof Retirement educational event, you can hear David Kotz explain to Phil Cannella some of the biggest challenges to regulating Wall Street activities.

Alicia Munnell: Alicia Munnell has served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, and is the Founder and Director for The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

Phil Cannella and Ms. Munnell discuss the current retirement climate, and the pitfalls that Baby Boomers must be prepared to negotiate in their golden years.

Andrew Huszar: Dubbed “the Quarterback of Quantitative Easing”, Andrew Huszar is a former Federal Reserve official who was hired to oversee the massive bond-buying program that followed the financial crisis of 2008—a program that was a leading cause of the massive stock market bubble we see today.

In a panel discussion with Phil Cannella and former Presidential Advisor Dick Morris, Huszar discusses the quantitative easing program, and why he ultimately came to see the initiative as “the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all-time.”