Phil Cannella and Joann Small in Profile Magazine

by Phil Cannella

One of the dedicated employees at Retirement Media, Inc. passed this link along to me today, and needless to say I was ecstatic to see that myself, Joann Small, and Crash Proof Retirement™ were being recognized in the media once again.

This time, Profile Magazine decided to cover Crash Proof Retirement™, First Senior Financial Group, Retirement Media, Inc. as well as myself and Joann Small. The article starts by talking about my upbringing and the medical emergency that led to me founding First Senior Financial Group. Later, the author talks about how I founded Retirement Media, Inc., and how Joann Small took over at First Senior Financial Group, bringing with her leadership and enthusiasm that has propelled the firm to new heights. I am proud every day to work with Joann Small, and it was great to see her getting the respect she deserves from the media.

You can read the full article by clicking the link below:

A Sound Investment: First Senior Financial Group depends on integrity and transparency to communicate a better way to financially retire.

If you’re a fan of Crash Proof Retirement™, make sure you read this article, as it will give you some great insights into what inspired me to found First Senior Financial Group and start the Crash Proof Retirement Show®. These are the stories I can’t always go into when I speak at our Educational Events, because those are about educating retirees, not about going on and on about myself. So if you want a behind the scenes look at what makes Crash Proof Retirement™ tick, Profile Magazine can fill you in.

Phil Cannella is founder and CEO of Retirement Media, Inc.