Phil Cannella Joins Forces with Dick Morris to Enhance Education of Retirees

Phil Cannella has spent his whole career educating retirees on the financial landscape of our country. He’s taught them about the inner workings of Wall Street, shielded them from corrupt or ill-advised investments, and protected their nest eggs through Crash Proof vehicles.

But this past summer, Phil Cannella added another weapon to his arsenal in the form of internationally-renowned political insider Dick Morris. Morris’ expertise and experience on Capitol Hill brings an additional layer of expertise to Crash Proof Retirement educational events.

Since July, Dick Morris has been a fixture at educational events, combining with Phil Cannella and Joann Small to give retirees a look through both sides of the window—Cannella and Small provide the financial know-how and specific advice you can only receive from Retirement Phase Experts, while Morris’ encyclopedic knowledge of political history offers context to current events.

“Since working with Dick Morris, I’ve learned so much about politics,” said Cannella at a recent event. “When you listen to how he puts complex theories in simple terms, you start to realize how important politics are to your retirement.”

For his part, Morris believes the stock market’s six-year run is nearing its end, and suggests that retirees take step towards a Crash Proof Retirement before it’s too late.

“If you don’t have a Crash Proof Retirement, it’s like walking a tightrope without a net underneath you,” said Morris. “You have the opportunity to protect yourself, and at this point in time you’d be crazy not to be in a Crash Proof situation.”

Phil Cannella and Dick Morris’ collaboration doesn’t stop at educational events. Earlier this month, Dick Morris joined the Crash Proof Retirement Show as a full-time co-host every Saturday from 11 am—1 pm on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Philadelphia’s number-one talk radio station.

From 11 am—noon, the Crash Proof Retirement Show is hosted by Phil Cannella and Joann Small and features political insider Dick Morris. The Crash Proof Retirement Show reports on the latest news that affects everyday American retirees.

Then from noon—1 pm, it’s The New Dick Morris Show with Phil Cannella and Joann Small. Dick Morris discusses the latest happenings in the political arena and what they mean to you.

In just a few short months, Phil Cannella and Dick Morris have made quite an impression on the retirement industry. Both men look forward to working together to make a difference in 2015.