Phil Cannella Leads the Charge Against Corruption

Phil Cannella doesn’t stand silent when it comes to the illegal and unethical practices of those financial advisors and insurance professionals who give the industry a bad name by cheating their clients.

Too many financial professionals will stand up in front of the consumer and tell them how pristine they are, while casting a dark net around their competitors. Meanwhile, these same advisors cheat their clients by looking out for their own commissions rather than the client’s best interests.

This is one of the reasons that Phil Cannella and his media firm, Retirement Media Inc., are on a mission to bring “Truth to the American Retiree.” Through his weekly radio show, Phil Cannella is educating the broad public on the pitfalls of the financial services industry and educates the consumer on what to look for in terms of a financial professional that can or cannot be trusted. Phil Cannella will call out an advisor out who has been found guilty of corruption.

For Phil Cannella, it is all about one thing: doing right by your clients. The hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from his own clients speak volumes about who Phil Cannella really is and what he stands for. Not many in this industry can claim the volume of satisfied customers that Phil Cannella can. He doesn’t even need to boast about them for they are what they and they speak for themselves.

Corruption in the financial services industry has to be stamped out and the only way that will occur is when you have people like Phil Cannella who will stand up to these people and do what others won’t–put them in check so that they don’t hurt the consumer.

This is also why Phil Cannella speaks about being a consumer advocate and taking on the role of consumer advocacy, which always puts the consumer first and the advisor second. This article makes a very good point about it:

“So, what is customer advocacy? According to Wikipedia, it is defined as follows: ‘Customer advocacy is a specialized form of customer service in which companies focus on what is best for the customer. It is a change in a company’s culture that is supported by customer-focused customer service and marketing techniques.’”

“Simply put, customer advocacy is unselfishly doing what is right for a client, even if that means referring them to a competitor to address a particular business issue.  It is fulfilling the “trusted adviser” role in its purest form.

So who is a customer advocate (for purposes of this article I refer to them as a “CA”) and what do they do?  Great Question…. Here are some thoughts:”

“Facilitators — or as I like to refer to them they are “dot connectors.” CA’s are the guiding force or compass to connect the “dots” between what a customer characterizes as their need(s) and the best available solution(s) to address that/those need(s).”

“Passionate about relationships – with their clients.  They have an inner hunger to learn as much as they possibly can about them.  CA’s understand how their clients prefer to do business and recognize their most important challenges.”

“Big-Picture Thinkers — CA’s look at business issues from 30,000 feet.   Strategic actions will always be driven by the goal of “doing the right thing” for the long term health of their business relationships.”

“High Integrity — CA’s walk the talk… they don’t just “drink the koolaid” of advocacy but they live in it.  When a commitment is made to a customer their top priority is always delivering on that promise, no matter what it takes.”

“Transparent Communicators — In their interactions with people, there is no hidden agenda.  CA’s are forthright in their communications, even when it means they must admit a mistake, or engage in a tough conversation.”

“Customer Advocates are really successful in initiating and cultivating strong business relationships.  A company fortunate enough to build a complete team of employees with this mindset and style will thrive in the marketplace.”

“Looking ahead to the ‘new normal’ for doing business, it is actions, not a marketing message that will propel an organization forward into significant growth.”

This type of approach is what Phil Cannella embodies in his life and his business. It is what makes him so successful. It is this approach–one based on a foundation of truth rather than a bed of lies–that enables Phil Cannella to stand strong against corruption and illicit activities of others in the industry.