Employment for Workers 50 and Older

When you are at or near retirement, you may want to keep busy.  However, “pounding the pavement” and undergoing the daily grind of work may not be necessary as you approach, or are in, your golden years. You spent your youth advancing your career, and now it may be prudent to consider a less stressful use of your time.
Employment for Workers 50 and OlderIf you desire to dial down your work commitments, the following is a list of jobs recommended by websites including CNN Money, Bank Rate, and Associated Content, for workers over 50 years old

1) Tutor:  For those at or near retirement, becoming a tutor is perfect if you are patient and enjoy being with children.  A tutor does not have to be a former teacher or even necessarily have to excel in the subject they want to tutor.  As long as you have a basic grasp on a subject, you should be more than able to explain it to children. Private tutors may charge by the hour and it is common to see a tutor charging $10-$50 an hour.  To work independently as a tutor, advertise your service through flyers at your local school or check online for websites like http://www.care.com/tutoring for assistance.

2) Substitute Teacher:  The qualifications to become a substitute teacher may vary from one school district to another, so it behooves you to do your research before you delve into this area.  Some districts may only require a high school diploma or they may require a bachelor’s degree plus a state certification.  Depending on the district, the steps necessary to become a substitute teacher will only enhance your preparation for the classroom.  The pay rate for a substitute teacher varies and in most instances it’s an “on-call” job.  If you are looking to enrich the minds of young people, while simultaneously earning some cash, get in touch with your local school system to see how to become a substitute teacher.

3) Librarian Assistant:  Becoming a librarian assistant may be the ideal, peaceful part-time job a retiree can have.  The typical tasks of a librarian assistant include issuing library cards to patrons, working at the circulation desk, and shelving reading material.  A high school diploma or GED is sufficient and onsite training is usually provided.

4) Usher:  Becoming an usher at your local theater or your city’s major league ballpark is a great opportunity to enjoy yourself while working.  The best ushers are personable, knowledgeable of the venue and events, can stand for long periods of time, and can direct crowds in attendance.  Stop by the venue you would like to work at and inquire about ushering opportunities, or refer to the venue’s website to apply.

5) Child Care:  If you love being around children, consider babysitting for a part-time job.  Yes, babysitting may have been your first job, but mothers truly appreciate the help of an experienced babysitter. Visit http://www.care.com/child-care to create your own babysitter portfolio so you can market your services and provide a way for local mothers to contact you.


Finding a part time job in your retirement years is a great way to keep your brain active, stay involved in the community, and fill gaps in your new found free time.  Above were only five suggestions of part-time opportunities which could work well for those over 50 years old.  By researching these options, or other jobs that spark your interest, you can find rewarding work even in your retired years.