Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella in the News: Phil Cannella Elucidates on the Responsibilities of Wielding the Sword of Truth

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has a system that he has built and refined over the years that is built on the very foundation of truth. But what does “wielding the Sword of truth” really mean? I think of a knight in shining armor gallivanting around the country side in days gone by. Is this what is meant?

The answer to this question comes from Phil Cannella himself. He says, “Wielding the Sword of Truth means I always deal from a position of strength, because my information is irrefutably accurate and I have the honesty and will to back it up.”

Now that is powerful if I may say so. Does Phil Cannella’s system contain enough truth to uphold this very standard? We would have to examine his system a little closer to get that answer.

Phil Cannella wants the consumer to discover the truth for himself and so he invites all to attend one of his Crash Proof Educational Events where he pulls the curtain down on Wall Street. It is this sort of truth that Phil Cannella utilizes in order to get his concepts across to the American retiree and help them help themselves.