Phil Cannella’s Quest For Truth And Logic

Phil Cannella’s quest to bring Truth to the American Retiree reached a turning point back in 2011, when he secured an exclusive interview with then-Inspector general of the SEC, H. David Kotz.

In the wake of the Great Recession of 2008, Phil Cannella founded The Crash Proof Retirement Show, heard on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT each weekend. The show started to further Phil’s mission of bringing Truth to the American Retiree.

This was accomplished through news, research and honest analysis from Phil Cannella himself. But in July 2011, the mission reached a new level when Securities and Exchange Commission Inspector General H. David Kotz agreed to a 15-minute on-camera interview.

But rather than wait for Inspector General Kotz to come to him, Phil Cannella went to the Inspector General—all the way to Washington, D.C., along with his radio co-host Joann Small and a camera crew to ask the Inspector General the tough questions Phil was well-known for.

“When he [Kotz] walked into that room, he saw me. He saw the cameras. And I think he realized we had a lot more in mind than just a 15-minute interview,” Phil Cannella recalls.

Indeed, the interview lasted 75 minutes, covering subjects from Bernie Madoff to the difficulties Kotz and the SEC faced in policing Wall Street. In just over an hour, Phil Cannella had proven how much he could accomplish with a passion for finding the truth. Phil would be the first to tell you he’s not trained as a journalist, yet he had pulled off what ABC, NBC, FOX and others couldn’t—an-on camera interview confronting the lead figure in the financial regulatory industry.

Phil Cannella returned to King of Prussia, Pa. convinced that it was possible to stand for truth in an industry that was previously immune to investigative journalism. That was why, in January 2012, he stepped down as CEO of First Senior Financial Group—relinquishing that title to Joann Small—in order to start Retirement Media Inc.

Since that date, Retirement Media Inc. has worked to compile interviews, research and other news items that contribute to their founder’s mission—bringing unbiased truth to the American retiree. That truth is presented through numerous platforms, led by the one and only Crash Proof Retirement Show. This information is also a central part of Phil Cannella’s educational events that place throughout the tri-state area, where he educates retirees about the alternatives to stock market investing that can provide security in retirement.

To this day, Phil Cannella and Retirement Media Inc. continue to seek the top figures in American politics, economics and other areas for groundbreaking interviews.