Phil Cannella Speaks at One of the Largest Educational Events Ever

After taking a brief hiatus over the holiday season, Phil Cannella burst back onto the scene with his usual vigor and flair for the dramatic.  He spoke at an educational event at the William Penn Inn in Lower Gwynedd, PA on Tuesday January 22nd to one of the largest crowds in the history of First Senior Financial Group’s educational event series.

The William Penn event attracted retirees  from all over Montgomery County and surrounding areas, who showed up to hear Phil Cannella deliver a talk about retirement finances with the trademark showmanship that has made him a beloved fixture of the Greater Philadelphia community.  Retirees in the area obviously missed Cannella’s talks while he took time out for the holidays, because the phones at First Senior Financial Group were ringing off the hook with retirees eager to know when the next event would be.  When the dust settled, about 250 people showed up for the William Penn event, a great turnout for the company and for Phil Cannella, who enjoys educating those who take the time to hear him speak.

While Cannella and First Senior Financial Group CEO Joann Small are no strangers to seeing crowds of 200 or more, it was particularly meaningful to have such a great turnout at their first event back since December.  The last two events, as you may recall were held at Adelphia Restaurant and Nightclub in Deptford Township, New Jersey and coincided with a generous donation on behalf of Phil Cannella, Joann Small, First Senior Financial Group, the Crash Proof Retirement Team, and those who attended the two events.  About 400 people came out to see those two events, netting a huge donation of $12,500 for the Red Cross South Jersey Chapter, who used the funds to aid the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The event generated quite a bit of buzz in the area, and 6ABC Action News even dropped by to let people in the local area know about the generosity of Phil Cannella and Joann Small.

Things are looking up for the next series of events, as Phil Cannella and First Senior Financial Group visit Delaware and then head back to New Jersey.  Visit First Senior Financial Group’s events page to find an upcoming educational event near you.

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