Phil Cannella Stands up to Wall Street Giants

Phil Cannella is quick to slam advisors on Wall Street due to their lack of fiduciary responsibility and is one of the few retirement experts who will stand up to these “Wall Street titans:” demanding that they hold true to their mission statements rather than holding true to their own pocket books.

Phil Cannella has long been appalled by the amount of fees and commissions that so many Wall Street brokers “steal” from their clients. The word “steal” is used advisedly as they don’t call it stealing, but Phil Cannella is quick to point out that they take their fees regardless of how the investment performs. They don’t do their job; you lose value in your accounts; and Wall Street advisors take a fee, no matter how your investment does. Any other industry is held to a standard of providing a valuable product or service to be paid, yet Wall Street brokers are paid regardless of performance.

This is one of the distinct differences between the financial vehicles Phil Cannella utilizes in his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System and Wall Street. The Crash Proof Retirement System does not have fees; hidden or otherwise. Fees or commissions paid to the financial professional do not come out of the client’s account. The client’s principal is protected 100% of the time.

Phil Cannella stands in stark contrast to Wall Street titans on many issues and is making waves; demanding change at every turn. This is why Phil Cannella is considered a true consumer advocate. He stands by seniors and retirees in every way to help them navigate the rough waters of retirement; helping them get across in a secure boat to safety. Phil Cannella created the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System to provide this service to his clients and has helped thousands secure their retirement.