Phil Cannella Testimonial: Shirley White

Crash Proof Retirement Consumer Shirley White

The Crash Proof Retirement System, created by Phil Cannella, has helped thousands of people to secure their retirement futures. Today, we focus the Crash Proof Retirement spotlight on Shirley White, a retired nurse from Blue Bell, PA.

Shirley came to Crash Proof Retirement after listening to The Crash Proof Retirement Show, heard weekly on 1210 AM WPHT each Saturday and Sunday. “I liked what they said about double-digit returns—[the possibility for] 14, 16 percent returns,” said Shirley.

Shirley described herself as a natural risk-taker when it comes to investing; as someone who is willing to take on some additional risk in exchange for the possibility of big returns. Yet she realized that there comes a point in life—usually right around retirement—where it becomes foolish not to protect the money you have spent years accumulating.

“A lot of that was my son’s influence,” she admitted. “He said, ‘Mom, when you’re at this age—near retirement—you should not be invested in the market.”

Phil Cannella Protects Shirley’s Future

As a nurse, Shirley White knew the value of caring for others. That’s why she was drawn to Phil Cannella, Joann Small and the team at First Senior Financial Group. They helped even a natural risk-taker like Shirley to see the wisdom of getting off the market to protect principal and safeguard her hard-earned nest egg.

“It comes time that protecting what you worked for becomes most important,” said Shirley. “And the Crash Proof Retirement program absolutely does that.”

Today, Shirley has a Crash Proof Retirement. “I don’t miss the gains of the market at all,” she explained. “It’s exactly as they say—I can sleep at night. I’ve protected my investment.”

Even without exposure to market risk, Shirley was able to realize the exact benefit that attracted her to Crash Proof Retirement in the first place—double-digit returns.

“My husband’s account did 17 percent!” she exclaimed. “One of my accounts did 10 percent. Over two years, we’re averaging almost 7 percent.”

Shirley has the best of both worlds—the annual gains she used to seek on the market, with none of the risk to her principal should the market turn downward. She and her husband are not only safe and secure—they continue to make money.

“Even though I’m taking a monthly withdrawal, with the investment interest that we gained we actually made more than we withdrew. The account continues to grow—it’s a fabulous idea.”

Shirley concluded with a few words of advice for others in or near retirement—particularly risk-takers like herself.

“For those people who want to protect their lifetime savings, the Crash Proof Retirement program is a must,” she said. “It protects your principal, and you really can get those double-digit returns!”