Phil Cannella on “Voice of Reason” with Larry Kane Re-Airing on Wednesday

by Phil Cannella

I wanted to let all of my listeners, clients and fans know that “Voice of Reason” with Larry Kane will be re-airing this Wednesday, March 20th at 5:30 PM on the Comcast Network. That’s Channels 8 and 845 for Comcast subscribers; if you have a different provider, you should check your local listings.

Once again, I was honored to be invited to speak to a journalist of Larry Kane’s caliber and also proud to be included in a panel with such respected financial and economic experts as Ryan Sweet, Senior Economist from Moody’s Analytics, and Dr. Bruce Rader, Assistant Professor of Finance from Temple University’s prestigious Fox School of Business. Any time I get an opportunity to speak to the public and educate them about how they can have a safe, secure, and Crash Proof™ Retirement, it makes me a happy man. And when I can do it on such a public forum as a TV show hosted by the legendary Larry Kane, so much the better.

So if you were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday and missed the show, you have another chance to watch your favorite radio host, Phil Cannella, speaking with a legendary journalist and two of the top minds in the fields of economics and finance.

Phil Cannella is founder and CEO of Retirement Media, Inc.