Phil Cannella and his Consumer Advocacy Program

Phil Cannella believes in a consumer advocacy principle. He does this in many ways but let’s first examine what it means to be an advocate especially when we speak in the context of a senior advocate as Phil Cannella is:

“An advocate is a person who represents and works with a person or group of people who may need support and encouragement to exercise their rights, in order to ensure that their rights are upheld.” – Source

In looking at this definition, let’s take a look at how Phil Cannella deservedly has earned this title. When you come through Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement process, after you have been educated on the basics of the industry, he ascertains your own personal goals and needs. You see, there is no cookie cutter in this industry. There is no one size fits all. For each and every consumer, Phil Cannella identifies their personal goals, their personal issues, their retirement concerns and he works with his team to resolve the challenges that each individually faces.

Only once you know what your client’s goals are, can you then assess what tools you can utilize to attain those goals. Imagine asking a baker to bake you a cake. He might bake you a chocolate cake, or an ice cream cake or a cheesecake or some other cake. But you didn’t want any of those. It is much like that when it comes to the preservation of your wealth.

You cannot just tell someone to “invest your assets.” This is one of the things that makes Phil Cannella’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System so unique and so impressive. It creates a unique design for each individual investor to help them achieve their retirement objectives. There is no on size fits all type of approach. There is no Wall Street approach of providing the same solution to everyone.

Phil Cannella’s system is truly unique.