Phil Cannella Discusses the World Economy

Today, as Phil Cannella often explains, the economies of the world are inextricably intertwined. No longer are our economies isolated one from another. Geo-political events on one side of the globe have a direct and immediate impact on all major economies.

Phil Cannella points out that it makes an investor’s retirement outlook very hard to predict. One of the things we want most as we head into our Golden Years is some predictability, yet we find none when it comes to the world economy. While some financial advisors urge us to diversify our investments with foreign stocks, it seems like this is no better than being diversified in U.S. stocks.

“Big losses were across the board and across the pond, too. For example, Germany’s main stock index, the DAX, crumbled 11.7% in the third quarter, hurt by the slowdown in China, where it sells a lot of cars and other things. Similarly, shares in mainland China’s Shanghai composite index, which was Ground Zero for the global market selloff, plunged 29% in the third quarter.”  – USA Today

This is the very crux of Phil Cannella’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System. Cannella recognized that being diversified in risk meant nothing during a market crash. True diversification is having investment vehicles that are not tied to the stock market and can get principal protection, yet at the same time achieve the gains and growth one desires during bull markets.

Phil Cannella, as a Senior Advocate, does exactly this day in and day out through the company he founded, First Senior Financial Group. He has taken it upon himself to stand by seniors as they head into retirement to give them a pathway to comfort and success.