Phil Cannella’s Long-Term Care Mission

Phil Cannella is a man who goes about life with a strong drive to change the world. Any look at history identifies those who sought to change the status quo, those who sought to make a difference, and those who sought to advance humanity.

Phil Cannella’s lifelong mission of Senior Advocacy began when he was quite young, when he saw firsthand the ravages caused by an illness as an elder family member aged.  This is an issue many families face and it is a problem staring America in the face. To the younger members of society it can be quite unreal that a small event like a stroke could create a devastating impact for a family.

Cannella explains that it is not just the financial impact, it can be the strain caused upon a family having to provide care for a loved one if they lack the financial resources to pay for such care. Homecare services can cost over $50,000 a year. Assisted Living facilities can cost in excess of $70,000 a year and a nursing home over $100,000. Phil Cannella insists that people need to protect themselves against this risk financially.

It is no good to try to protect oneself after the event already occurred. The entire concept of insurance is that of transferring risk to another party, in this case an insurance company, who is pooling risk across a large body of people.

Phil Cannella has repeatedly urged people to consider long term care in all financial planning but too many professionals in the field ignore this warning. This is one of those things that separate Phil Cannella from the rest of the field. He cares for his clients and for everyone who walks through his doors and he tirelessly works to give everyone the best retirement they can have.