Phil Cannella Secures a Widow’s Future

Far, far too many retirees in our society are being tricked into believing that they have a secure financial future by keeping their investments at risk on the stock market. It is at this fragile juncture in our lives – retirement – where we leave the accumulation phase of our lives and enter the retirement phase. Yet financial professionals everywhere who lack any sort of moral fiber are not offering safe alternatives to the risks that come with being invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but act with duplicity to keep their clients on the market, where the financial advisor can continue to rake in his ongoing commissions while mismanaging his clients’ accounts.

In stark contrast to this stands Phil Cannella, who offers real solutions and a tried and tested method and system that can protect the assets one has worked all one’s life to grow. The number of people and families Phil Cannella has helped in this way numbers in the thousands.

One such person is Marianne Layng who has been a Crash Proof Retirement System consumer since 2006 and has seen growth in excess of 8% over the years. What makes Marianne’s story so compelling is that Phil created a system which was not just designed to help a married couple, but could protect a widow or widower in the event that they lost their loved one.

Loss of a spouse is a most unfortunate event and with too many couples it is often the husband who has taken care of the finances during their lives and it is often the husband who has managed or overseen the asset management through good times and bad times. Phil Cannella’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System has been constructed in such a way that a widow or widower is completely protected not only during market declines but also in the event of the passing of the spouse.

Phil Cannella and his team work with and help the surviving spouse protect their future by protecting their investments and help people make the right choices when it comes to their finances.

It is a sad commentary on the state of the financial industry that there lacks real fiduciary duty by so many financial professionals when it comes to people in retirement. It is so easy to take advantage of a poor widow who is often left vulnerable not because of their ignorance but because they depended on people who pretended to act in their best interest when they were not.

This is again where Phil Cannella and his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System really shines and where he makes such a huge difference to the people he has served. He has protected people from market crashes and he has protected their investments from losses.

In the case of Marianne Layng, she can sleep well at night knowing that her investments are protected from any loss and the only direction they can go is up. Knowing that she is secure, she can enjoy her golden years as any retiree should.