Phil Cannella Challenges Wall Street

Phil Cannella has had to face some tough challenges in his effort to make changes to the financial services industry and bring about reforms on Wall Street.

It is common knowledge that Wall Street is fraught with white collar crime. Industry professionals are often seeking to take advantage of unwitting and gullible consumers. Industry insiders are often working for their own financial gain over those of the people they serve. This is unfortunately the state of affairs within the financial services sector, but it is one that Phil Cannella diametrically opposes and in contrast to this, holds himself up as a true consumer advocate.

Phil Cannella stands in contrast to the status quo, he is a modern day progressive at the vanguard of change and reform. But change does not come easily, as this article explains:

“A hundred years ago, any soapbox orator who called for women’s suffrage, laws protecting the environment, an end to lynching, workers’ right to form unions, a progressive income tax, a federal minimum wage, old-age insurance, the eight-hour workday and government-subsidized healthcare would be considered an impractical utopian dreamer or a dangerous socialist. Now we take these ideas for granted. The radical ideas of one generation are often the common sense of the next. When that happens, give credit to the activists and movements that fought to take those ideas from the margins to the mainstream. We all stand on the shoulders of earlier generations of radicals and reformers who challenged the status quo of their day.”

“Progressive change happens from the bottom up, as Zinn argued. But movements need leaders as well as rank-and-file activists. Movement leaders make strategic choices that help win victories. These choices involve mobilizing people, picking and framing issues, training new leaders, identifying opportunities, conducting research, recruiting allies, using the media, negotiating with opponents and deciding when to engage in protest and civil disobedience, lobbying, voting and other strategies.”

Phil Cannella is just such a man, always apparently on the margin, yet his views today are what may well be mainstream tomorrow. He is there in the trenches always working with the consumer to see how best to fit their needs. One may ask if he is ever looking out for himself. That question is best answered by some of the fantastic testimonials from his clients, which put him properly in perspective as to what he is and represents.

Phil Cannella, in his daily activities does all he can do to epitomize the consumer advocate. He is a man who is standing for the client to do what is best and most fitting for him or her. To that end he created his own federally trademarked Crash Proof Retirement™ system, uniquely designed to ensure that his clients’ assets were protected from market risk and that he or she wouldn’t lose a penny of principal due to market crashes.

For over a decade now, Phil Cannella has been helping seniors through this Crash Proof Retirement System. Through his weekly radio show that airs on Philadelphia’s #1 talk radio station, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, his voice can be heard throughout the tri-state area, bringing solutions to the masses like no other. This is where Phil Cannella shines in terms of his efforts to bring about real change. He uses multiple communication channels to reach an ever-increasing audience of avid listeners who come to see or hear him offer up alternative solutions to the mainstream.

Today Phil Cannella can proudly boast his immense client list of happy consumers who have Crash Proof Retirements. Through his efforts he has taken hundreds of millions of dollars of assets out of the hands of the greedy Wall Street titans and into the safe harbor of the insurance industry. This has made him an enemy of those who were profiteering from their clients’ ignorance and these people launched an attack to rid the industry of one Phil Cannella so that they could continue their illicit games.

Yet Phil Cannella continues to stand strong and fight the naysayers for he knows he brings truth to the American retiree and this has given him the strength needed to persevere. This is how Phil Cannella stands out from the crowd offering financial salvation.