Phil Cannella Provides a Fiduciary Responsibility

First Senior Financial Group and its founder, Phil Cannella, have a salaried Design Team that is utilized to provide a fiduciary responsibility to all of its clients.  Most financial advisors pick out investment instruments that benefit them more than it does the consumer.  Phil Cannella avoids this by employing a licensed staff who analyze and chose the investment vehicles based on a client’s needs, including but not limited to asset level, income needs, and the desire intent of the funds.

The Design Team is paid a salary by Phil Cannella and does not receive any commission on the products chosen which eliminates a conflict of interest.  In addition, the analysts personally speak with and confirm each client’s financial needs and goals before designing their personalized CrashProof Retirement GuideTM.  The analyst sign each CPRG that goes through the process thus signifying their commitment to the client that the investment vehicles have been chosen to best suit their needs, not the advisors.