Phil Cannella Lawsuit Defends Freedom of Speech Part 1 – Phil Cannella Lawsuit

Phil Cannella Lawsuit Freedom of Speech

Phil Cannella Lawsuit • Phillip Cannella Lawsuit NewsPhil Cannella Lawsuit, in his drive to bring truth to the American retiree, has exposed many of the ills that befall Wall Street.  Seeing the everyday investor fleeced by those who have a vested interest in manipulating the markets, Phil Cannella took it upon himself to stand up to the big investment banks and other behemoths that control the market. It is a story much like David vs Goliath.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit • Phillip Cannella Lawsuit

In the course of exposing how Wall Street has taken advantage of the gullible investor, Phil Canella created some enemies—people who would rather prevent the truth from seeing the light of day. It is not an unusual in our world that those people and organizations who seek to offer real solutions to man’s ills are persecuted by those who profit from man’s ignorance. We have seen this throughout history dating back as far as our history books go.

As a true defender of the rights of the everyday investor, Phil Cannella sought to empower the people by informing them of the motives behind the lack of regulation and lack of enforcement within the securities industry. It is baffling to see a “regulated” industry where a professional can make a fortune while his or her client’s assets shrink. For those who may not understand this comment, let me explain. Many financial firms make a profit by “managing” the assets of their clients. Your Edward Jones’ and Raymond James’ financial advisors are there to bring your assets under their management. By investing in mutual funds, stocks, shares and other securities, they make a profit on your portfolio regardless of whether your portfolio improved in the last 12 months or not. Fees are charged to your account regardless of performance!

Unlike professionals in most industries who only get paid once they’ve provided a valuable service, many financial advisors make a living at the expense of the everyday investor. To contend with this problem, Phil Cannella created a media firm, Retirement Media Inc., to expose the shortfalls of the media when it affected the lives of people in their retired years. Through Retirement Media, Phil Cannella tells the story others don’t. Not being owned by some big conglomerate with their own vested interest in mind, Phil Cannella was in the ideal position to bring the news others don’t.

In a rare interview with the former inspector general of the Securities and Exchange Commission Phil Cannella uncovers and lays bare some of the shortcomings of the SEC and their lack of enforcement. He asked pointed questions of the Inspector General such as why Goldman Sachs were only fined $500,000,000 for fleecing investors to the tune of $1 billion. As could be expected, there was no good answer to this very pointed and telling question.

The fallout from this interview, along with other exposes’ of Retirement Media, was quite predictable. Phil Cannella became the target of those who saw Phil Cannella as a threat to their “legal” money laundering schemes. In ages past, situations like this would be settled in a duel or quote often, in an even less civilized manner. This sort of behavior however has become frowned upon and white collar crime takes a difference perspective, yet no less deadly, but far, far, far more insidious.

In an attempt to eliminate the threat Phil Cannella posed, these modern day hooligans took to the world of the internet in a carefully orchestrated internet defamation campaign. With the intention of destroying Phil Cannella’s hard earned credibility they sought to neutralize him by creating a new fiction and painting it as truth. By creating a blog based on volumes of false information, they knew that prospects, clients, vendors and other affiliates would reconsider their relationships with him.

We all know or certainly have heard of the damage one bad review can do to a business. Worse however is if the review is not true but one written as a character assassination with the sole intention of driving the given target out of business.

This is exactly what Phil Cannella was facing not too long ago. His enemies created a blog with thousands of pages of content, using fictitious screen names to paint the picture that there were tons of dissatisfied consumers and vendors, when really it was was a small group of people bent on destroying his business.

However, Phil Cannella was not about to go down without a fight. Instead he picked up his sword and wielded that sword of truth, not only for his own benefit, but for the benefit of all those retirees who relied on him to bring them hope for their financial futures.

In part 2 of this article, we will look at how Phil Cannella fought for the freedom of speech of all Americans through his actions and protected our First Amendment Rights.