Phil Cannella Lawsuit Win Discovers Adversary Through Federal Court – Phil Cannella Lawsuit

Phil Cannella Lawsuit through Federal Court

Phil Cannella Lawsuit • Phillip Cannella Lawsuit NewsPhil Cannella Lawsuit is no neophyte when it comes to the world of business. While some people may possess years and years of learning in academia, Phil Cannella has been schooled in the University of Hard Knocks.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit • Phillip Cannella Lawsuit

Cast into society at a young age to help his family pay the bills, Phil Cannella had no choice but to make ends meet and help provide for his parents, their 5 children, of which he was the oldest boy and even the grandparents. Phil did not have the luxury of spending a quarter of century getting “educated” and coming out with a bunch of letters after his name that would prequalify him for the red carpet into a high salaried job. Phil had to make his way up in the world by learning the world of business as it occurs day to day.

It was this experience that gave him real strength. The practical knowledge of life rather than the theoretical knowledge of life paved the way for Phil to set his own course and direction. It was this know-how that after 30 years in the insurance industry brought Phil to the pinnacle of his career and enabled him to devise a system to help a lot of people through the Crash Proof Retirement system that he had created. It was designed to protect a retiree’s assets from market risk and consequently preserve principal investment while still allowing for conservative growth.

The unanticipated success of this system, with thousands of consumers coming to see him to benefit from a Crash Proof Retirement also attracted those competitors who were losing business because of Phil Cannella’s success. While Phil Cannella was attracting thousands of consumers, many competitors were losing their clients to Phil’s system. And this of course brought about envy and a desire to hit back.

Several of these competitors banded together to eliminate Phil Cannella from the financial services industry by weaving a web of lies that would serve to detract consumers away from him. To protect their identity these competitors created a blog using anonymous screen names to publish all manner of spiteful and vindictive comments that potential consumers would find during a Google search of Phil Cannella’s name. This had the effect of driving many consumers away as planned.

To protect his own interests Phil Cannella launched a counter-attack by filing a lawsuit in federal court in order to get the libel and defamation removed from the web. It was an expensive battle for lawsuits are costly and they are slow. Judges don’t like to act too fast and it seems they hope that most matters will be resolved out of court through settlement.

The judge permitted discovery to proceed, which paved the way for subpoenas to be issued to numerous entities in order to discover the identity of the attackers. In cases like these, subpoenas to companies such as Yahoo and Google can provide identifying information behind an email address. Likewise with Facebook and Twitter, court authorized subpoenas can require them to turn over identifying information about their users.

In this particular lawsuit Phil Cannella’s attorney’s isolated several companies to serve a subpoena to in order to get such identifying information. One of the key pieces of information sought were the IP addresses being used.

“An IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, is an identifying number for a piece of network hardware. Having an IP address allows a device to communicate with other devices over an IP based network.

Think of an IP address much like your home address. You must have an address so others know how to reach (communicate) with you. Your home address, say 123 Main Street, is unique within your town (your local network) but there are likely others with the address of 123 Main Street in other towns (other local networks).”

After several IP addresses were discovered, subpoenas were then issued to several internet service providers such as Comcast and Verizon who then provided the names of the people who owned those IP addresses.

The cat was out of the bag at that point and the battle was no longer Phil Cannella versus an unknown and anonymous group of people. The defendant’s now had a name and were known in most cases as being competitors allowing the course of justice to proceed on a level playing field between known people. Thanks to our justice system, Phil Cannella was able to bring about real justice.