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Phil Cannella • Phillip Cannella

Phil CannellaPhillip Cannella Blog: An excerpt from Phil Cannella’s educational process; “There’s a lot of mischief and even more rule-bending in the securities industry. What can I say but the truth—it’s a very self-serving playing field and its star players operate off the motivation of keeping people in the market. Brokers or financial advisors who deal with stocks, bonds and mutual funds don’t make money unless they put your money at risk. So if your money is at risk, this can only mean one thing—your money is in the stock market; that’s the only way these financial advisors can make a living. Where else are they going to put your portfolio and make a killing from it? By remaining in securities during your most vulnerable financial years, you risk the very money that you’ll depend on in retirement.”

Phillip Cannella • Phil Cannella

In light of Phil Cannella’s revelation on securities advisors doesn’t it seem that a financial advisor in this country who is not a retirement specialist, who is not well informed about retirees but is guiding their portfolios—what incentive does he or she have to take that client out of stocks, bonds and mutual funds? Those ongoing fees would dry up and the advisor’s paycheck would take the hit. Phil Cannella continues to educate America about the mischief taking place on Wall Street.