Phil Cannella Strives to Inspire

Phil Cannella is most recognized as being

one of the nation’s leading financial advisors when dealing exclusively with retirement assets. However, there is a side to Phil Cannella that simply cannot be conveyed on a resume. It is his dedication to inspiring those around him that truly makes Phil Cannella successful, not just in his career but in his life. Examples of his inspiring nature can be found by talking to just about anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with him.

“Whether it is a client I am working with, a staff member I have hired or the cashier and the corner store, I treat every human interaction as an opportunity to inspire. I have always felt that it took me too long in life to really get inspired, and I am still always looking for inspiration today. So anytime I can help someone else find inspiration, I feel as though I am making up for lost time.” The words of Phil Cannella in a recent interview with a local report.