Why Phil Cannella Chooses to Educate

Phil Cannella recognizes

that Wall Street has dominated to the financial services industry for decades, and therefore most consumers associate all financial services with Wall Street. Phil Cannella has built his career in the financial services industry, but he is in no way associated with Wall Street. In fact, Phil Cannella stand strong as a consumer advocate, protecting seniors from the dangers of Wall Street. Instead, Phil Cannella has focused his services on safer financial sectors that can provide consumers with guarantees, not just empty promises.

In respect to Phil Cannella’s distinct separation from Wall Street, he has led a campaign of educating consumers, rather than the traditional approach of “advising” consumers. Phil Cannella firmly believes that one of the biggest flaws of Wall Street is the power given to financial advisors, who take advantage of less knowledgeable consumers and place them in risky investments that often lead to financial turmoil.

“If I can simply educate a client so that they are comfortable and grasp the truth and logic behind the concept of making their money work for them, I have done my job. Rather than advise the client on decisions I think they should make, I educate them so that they can make the decisions for themselves.”- Phil Cannella, Founder of First Senior Financial Group and CEO of Retirement Media Inc.